Panthers News: David Tepper, Ejiro Evero, elevations and Week 16

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

David Tepper
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David Tepper's realization?

David Tepper has come in for severe criticism this season. Another head coach hire blew up in his face. His meddling in football-related affairs remains strong. The fanbase is more disillusioned than ever. His brief press conference in the wake of Frank Reich's firing was strategized and planned to pander to his ego and nothing more.

Unless Tepper changes his ways, the Carolina Panthers will remain among the NFL's bottom feeders. But according to Dianna Russini from The Athletic, the billionaire owner is starting to realize that he might be the problem above all else.

"In Carolina, owner David Tepper has taken hit after hit around the league for meddling and creating a culture of fear, but a league source said Tepper has been self-reflective, blaming himself for almost all the mistakes made this season. The source said, “He’s incredibly accountable and ready to make it right. He’s rejuvenated.” For a man worth billions of dollars who is paying two coaches who aren’t even working, that should be a positive sign to Panthers fans."

Dianna Russini, The Athletic

This could be a PR exercise from those close to Tepper's camp. It could also be a genuine sign that the hedge fund manager has taken a long look in the mirror and knows he must alter his approach.

Tepper is still looking for NFL acceptance. That comes with winning and building a strong culture of success. Two things the Panthers have been relatively devoid of since he became owner.

Fans are erring on the side of skepticism, and rightfully so. For Tepper, actions will speak far louder than words.