Panthers News: David Tepper, Frank Reich, Chris Tabor and Tom Brady

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David Tepper
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Tom Brady offers Carolina Panthers some advice

The Carolina Panthers are being tabbed as dysfunctional by most. David Tepper's impulsive and questionable decision-making coupled with a failed product on the field have turned this once perennial playoff challenger into a complete joke.

Except no Panthers fan is laughing.

Firing Frank Reich means the next appointment will be the fifth person to have a head coach or interim title in just two years. This might be commonplace in soccer leagues around the world, but cohesion and stability is the core component behind NFL prosperity more often than not.

This was something highlighted by legendary former quarterback Tom Brady, who called on the Panthers to find some continuity moving forward via Sportskeeda. Whether Tepper is capable of attaining this feat is another matter.

"What if every year you had to switch the language? It’s really hard to build up any of that consistency and continuity. The more you have continuity, the more you can build on things over the course of years. If you look at football in particular, it's hard to cover the amount of situations that come up every week, in a game, start of game, end of quarters, how do you use your timeouts, end of halftime, critical third-down situations, critical red area plays, situation football."

Tom Brady via Sportskeeda

It's beyond time for the Panthers to pick the right head coach and finally form a concise plan for sustainable success. But with multiple intriguing head coaching gigs set to become available once the season concludes, that'll be easier said than done.