Panthers News: David Tepper, Frank Reich, Chris Tabor and Tom Brady

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David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers to change approach?

David Tepper has yet to enjoy a winning season since becoming Carolina Panthers owner. He can talk about Beyonce, Lionel Messi, and the economy all he wants, but it doesn't change the fact his complete mismanagement and meddling are holding this franchise back.

Tepper spent most of his brief press conference after Frank Reich's firing soothing his ego after a question from the Charlotte Business Journal, which was planted front and center in a calculated move as other respected beat writers were shunned. When asked about the need to alter his own approach, the billionaire outlined there will be self-reflection in a bid to get better based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"Look, things are constantly evolving, and they’ll continue to evolve. Tryin’ to make things better is what you always try to do. Obviously, that record is not good enough. There’s no hiding it, it is what it is—like everything in this sport. Everything’s left on the field, everybody knows what it is every week. That record’s that record. And, like I said, it’s not good enough. We’re gonna self-reflect and make it better."

David Tepper via USA Today Sports

Nobody has any faith that Tepper will do the right thing. That's to allow the football people to make football decisions, stay out of the way, and focus on progressing areas such as stadium upgrades and finalizing plans for a new training facility after the Rock Hill debacle.