Panthers News: David Tepper, Frank Reich, Jerry Jeudy and Cam Newton

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Former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton on coming back

Despite Cam Newton not playing any meaningful NFL football since his sensational return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021, the iconic presence hasn't filed his retirement papers just yet. He genuinely thinks there aren't 32 quarterbacks better - although the league seems to have moved on from a player who once took it by storm.

Newton is thriving away from the gridiron with businesses, real estate, and a budding media empire. But when asked about what it might take to return during an appearance on Robert Griffin III's latest podcast, the former NFL MVP stated a mixture of money and situation might be enough via USA Today Sports.

"You not ’bout to sit up here and penny-pinch me, bro. I’m not ’bout to sit up here and sign no $5.5 million deal, bro. Those days are over with. I’ll be wastin’ my time. I have seven beautiful children that I love takin’ to football practice, tennis practice, cheerin’ practice and all that. To get me up out takin’ them on a day-to-day basis, takin’ them to school—those are some of the things that you have to consider. And if the call doesn’t happen, still cool. I’m still straight. I have businesses and things like that that can feed that monster. I will tell you—if you don’t think I could be on a roster right now, I could. But it’s bigger than that to me."

Cam Newton via USA Today Sports

Again, Newton is not a fool. He knows the direction this is going and said all the right things, but the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft seems content without the daily football grind, which is always the biggest battle for those transitioning away from the game that consumed them for so long.