Panthers news: David Tepper, Jeremy Chinn, Brian Burns and early purpose

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

Brian Burns
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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines after a dramatic Black Monday across the organization?

It didn't take long for change once the Carolina Panthers got their final regular-season commitment out of the way. There was clear purpose and transparency from the organization in pursuit of a brighter future. After the way team owner David Tepper's conducted business in recent years, it represents a refreshing shift and provides confidence better days are ahead.

As expected, there was a lot to unpack. Until further developments arrive, the stories causing debate include Tepper biting the bullet with general manager Scott Fitterer, early purpose heading into the offseason, Jeremy Chinn on his lack of involvement, and Brian Burns preparing for whatever comes next.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers fire Scott Fitterer

After a two-win season and the Carolina Panthers already looking for another head coach, it seemed almost inevitable that general manager Scott Fitterer would be made surplus to requirements. David Tepper bit the bullet on another whiffed hire under his ownership. This is the first time the franchise will be hiring coaching and front-office leaders simultaneously since 2002.

This was a necessary evil for Tepper and the Panthers. He developed a close working relationship with Fitterer. He perhaps got the chance to push him around as a meddling owner without fear of confrontation. But ultimately, this was the only viable route forward to get this organization off its knees.

And the Panthers wasted no time in making their intentions known in the hours after Fitterer's departure.