Panthers news: David Tepper, Jeremy Chinn, Brian Burns and early purpose

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers moving with early purpose

The Carolina Panthers are adopting a hard reset as they look to put the necessary pieces in place to get this franchise trending in a positive direction at long last. With others around the league also making their intentions known - the Washington Commanders, in particular - David Tepper and his consultancy firm turned up the heat by announcing their moves more transparently.

The head coaching interview requests published by the team were widely well-received. Some names were obvious based on recent reports. Others came out of the blue. But the list is comprehensive with a primary focus on offensive minds despite Frank Reich's failure to meet expectations.

  • Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson
  • Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik
  • Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan
  • Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn
  • Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald
  • Dolphins offensive coordinator Frank Smith
  • Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris
  • Ravens offensive coordinator Todd Monken
  • Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dave Canales

As for the general manager interview requests, there was an analytical feel to those generating interest. This could mean the Panthers are focusing on a primary salary-cap manager to work alongside interim front-office leader Dan Morgan. Only time will tell on that front, but the team's list so far is encouraging nonetheless.

  • Giants assistant GM Brandon Brown
  • Buccaneers assistant GM Mike Greenberg
  • Chiefs vice president of football operations Brandt Tilis.
  • Eagles assistant GM Alec Halaby
  • Saints assistant GM Khai Harley
  • Ravens vice president of football administration Nick Matteo
  • Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds
  • Raiders interim GM Champ Kelly

Especially where the head coach candidates are concerned, the Panthers face significant competition to get their preferred guy. Tepper has deep pockets and could easily outbid anybody if he sees fit. Convincing coveted targets that this is a project to be part of represents the biggest stumbling block.