Panthers news: David Tepper, Jeremy Chinn, Brian Burns and early purpose

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Brian Burns
Brian Burns / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Brian Burns' mindset

The Carolina Panthers have managed Brian Burns' contract situation terribly. It was another stain on general manager Scott Fitterer. It was a slap in the face to a cornerstone piece who remained nothing but professional throughout the summer. It also resulted in the star edge rusher worrying more about getting hurt than producing the goods on game days.

Burns heads into an offseason of uncertainty with his contract officially up. The Panthers aren't going to let him leave for nothing under any circumstances, but the former first-round selection is preparing for every eventuality based on his exit comments via USA Today Sports.

"I just know they [the Panthers] got a lot stuff to do. They got a lot of stuff to figure out. I don’t think I’m No. 1 on that list right now. The best thing I can do is be ready. If it do turn out that they do wanna keep me here and I stay, I’m ready. And if turns out I have to go somewhere else, I’m definitely ready for that, too. So as long as I’m ready in any angle, I’m fine."

Brian Burns via USA Today Sports

Carolina will place the franchise tag on Burns. There is a broken relationship to repair above all else. Much will also depend on how the new front-office strategists perceive the situation give the Panthers have no first-round pick to call upon in 2024.

The situation should - and could - have been avoided. Hopefully, all parties involved can come to an acceptable arrangement that works for everybody.