Panthers news: David Tepper, Scott Fitterer, Week 18 and blank checks

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David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers blank check questioned

The Carolina Panthers wanted Ben Johnson during the last head coaching cycle. It seems as if they are going to make another bold bid to land the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator.

Multiple insiders suggest Johnson is the primary target. David Tepper has deep pockets and big ambitions, but Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated questioned the notion of Carolina's owner handing him a blank check based on musings via Clutch Points.

"A lot of folks internally in Carolina think that owner David Tepper will hand Lions OC Ben Johnson a blank check, but I’m not totally convinced. One thing I’ve heard is that Tepper will be looking to check 10 boxes, rather than one, this time around. And so he may still go hard after Johnson, but it probably won’t be for the same reasons he did a year ago."

Albert Breer via Clutch Points

Tepper's got to be smarter this time around. After two failed hires, he cannot get this wrong. If the man is Johnson, it must be for the right reasons and not because he's the latest coveted shiny new toy.

Johnson's boosted his credentials enormously this season. He looks ready to take on a top job. He's reportedly intrigued by the prospect of taking on the project. Whether another franchise becomes more appealing remains to be seen.

Buckle up. The regular season might be ending, but the real fun is about to begin.