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Shaquill Griffin's message for Carolina Panthers teammates

It seems for all the smart money as if Shaquill Griffin will make his Carolina Panthers debut this weekend at the New Orleans Saints. The cornerback was scooped off the waiver wire following his release by the Houston Texans, which adds another veteran piece to a unit that's getting healthy at long last.

Griffin was praised this week for picking things up quickly. The former Central Florida college star also had a message for his teammates centering around having belief in the face of adversity based on comments via the team's website.

"I know when you go to a team that hasn't won too many games, it's tough. I don't care who you are when it comes to being one and whatever, that's a long and tough season. So my main thing is I want to be able to preach the message that you're here for a reason. I don't care what your name is. Understand that you get paid to be professional, and I want people to understand and remember that. I think the main message should be is we should be going to anybody's territory to try to take the game and not just we might or we could maybe. You've just got to have more confidence and understand you're a professional as well."

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Griffin's experience will be a tremendous asset to call upon. He also performed well enough with the Texans to suggest some reps on the defensive rotation should come his way in Week 14.