Panthers news: David Tepper, Thomas Brown, Adonai Mitchell and interviews

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Adonai Mitchell
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Skepticism surrounding Carolina Panthers owner

With several enticing openings available around the league, it makes things difficult for the Carolina Panthers to land their top head coaching targets. Interviews are ongoing with more on the way. But the sense of urgency is evident to avoid getting left behind with some big-market teams looking for a shift in direction.

When examining the Panthers, Dan Graziano of ESPN predicted Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan as the preferred guy despite the coach getting a second in-person interview with the Tennessee Titans. The insider also highlighted the perceived skepticism about working for team owner David Tepper in NFL circles.

"Industry insiders are finding this a tough one to call, since there's skepticism about the willingness of candidates to work for impatient team owner David Tepper. I expect this hire to be an offensive-minded coach whose task will be getting the most out of 2023 top pick Bryce Young, who struggled in Year 1 with a 33.4 QBR (29th in the NFL). It has been thought for a while that [Brian Callahan] -- who has been Joe Burrow's coordinator in Cincinnati for the quarterback's entire career -- is Carolina's top choice, but he could have better offers."

Dan Graziano, ESPN

Tepper covered himself in nothing but disgrace and ridicule this season. From his statement about not needing to surround Bryce Young with good weapons to the drink-throwing incident at the Jacksonville Jaguars, it was a disgrace from start to finish. He's got bigger pockets than most and could outbid almost anybody, but his reputation as an erratic, incompetent owner precedes him.