Panthers News: Deion Jones, Brian Burns, Cade Mays and Bryce Young

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Deion Jones
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Carolina Panthers laud Brian Burns' commitment

Brian Burns never contemplated holding out like some around the league looking for a bumper new contract extensions have done. The edge rusher is bought into the project and loves his teammates deeply, so becoming a distraction wasn't an option that entered the former first-round pick's mind.

Burns will get paid at some stage. Just how much remains the stumbling block, but the Carolina Panthers don't have much in the way of leverage given they've laid their cards on the table regarding his importance long ago.

That's why it would have been easy for Burns to watch from the sidelines or ready himself for the season in safer surroundings. Something that drew praise from head coach Frank Reich based on his comments via Yahoo Sports.

"I mean, I’m still gettin’ to know Brian, but my sense is he doesn’t have 50 percent in him. He’s a competitor. I think we all know that and feel that. So, respect the way he’s been approachin’ this. I’ll leave the contract stuff to Scott [Fitterer] to handle and I’m just worried about coachin’ the guys out here. But it just seems like he’s taking a very professional approach to it. And it makes a lot of sense, and good for him."

Frank Reich via Yahoo Sports

Burns putting the team first is a testament to the exceptional leader he's becoming alongside the outstanding on-field progress. And this good faith is something that should be repaid by those in power before competitive action arrives.