Panthers news: Derrick Brown, Bryce Young, Brian Burns and 2023 draft class

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Derrick Brown
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young slighted

Bryce Young is taking his fair share of lumps right now. This is to be expected from a No. 1 pick who couldn't generate any significant momentum over his rookie campaign. People writing him off so early without considering the toxic environment he joined could look incredibly foolish if Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales works his magic on the signal-caller.

Until then, Young should use whatever criticism he receives in the media as bulletin board material. Perhaps the most damning indictment came from Chris Trapasso from CBS Sports, who had the Panthers taking C.J. Stroud over the former Alabama star in his 2023 re-draft.

"The [Carolina] Panthers correct their mistake with [C.J.] Stroud over Bryce Young in this redraft. If this redraft occurred, this pick would be made in a split second."

Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports

This isn't that bad considering how their first seasons went. But Trapasso inexplicably went one step further, removing Young from the first round entirely. One can criticize his production all they like, but dropping him out of the first round is asinine.

All this should be another motivation for Young. It'll be a road to redemption of sorts next season. There also seems to be a better coaching staff around him. However, the Panthers must also do everything possible to surround the Heisman Trophy winner with more explosiveness at the skill positions to excel as an NFL sophomore.