Panthers News: Derrick Brown, Thomas Brown, Chris Tabor and Tee Higgins

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Derrick Brown
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Thomas Brown's falling stock

Thomas Brown came into the Carolina Panthers as a future head coaching candidate. He got some interest during the 2023 cycle after impressing with the Los Angeles Rams under Sean McVay. Unfortunately for the offensive coordinator, it hasn't gone according to plan in a different environment.

Brown's play-calling is coming under fire. There's no real invention. The Panthers cannot get out of their own way in key moments. The constant desire to throw out of the shotgun in short-yardage scenarios is incredibly frustrating.

While there's still a chance Brown can become a head coach down the line, his reputation is being damaged in Carolina. His falling stock was recently examined by D.A. Sweat from SB Nation, who did highlight the mitigating factors in play regading his struggles.

"Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown continues to struggle with questionable play calling in critical situations. The Panthers have gone just 2-for-10 on fourth down attempts over the last two weeks. In Brown’s defense, any offensive coordinator would struggle under these circumstances. Carolina’s offensive line continues to rotate guards, receivers can’t get separation, and Bryce Young is struggling with his reads (he went just 13-of-36 passing with four sacks against the Saints). That said, Brown continues to go with questionable personnel packages and play calls in key moments."

D.A. Sweat, SB Nation

One would expect Brown to move on once the new head coach is appointed. And in truth, I doubt he'll be remembering his time in Charlotte with any great fondness.