Panthers news: Diontae Johnson, Bryce Young, RB target and Jadeveon Clowney

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Jadeveon Clowney
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Pressure on Bryce Young

Bryce Young's rookie season didn't go according to plan. That's no secret, so treating his situation as a clean slate is the only way this substantial investment in the quarterback is going to pay dividends moving forward.

Having a legitimate quarterback developer as head coach should help Young enormously. Dave Canales knows how to get the best out of his men under center. He's also a believer in the Heisman Trophy winner and is looking to mold the scheme around his talent rather than the methods implemented by Frank Reich's incompetent offensive staff team.

The Carolina Panthers have made a concerted effort to provide Young with everything he needs to make a better go of things next season. They invested heavily in their offensive line during free agency and acquired wide receiver Diontae Johnson via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. If more pass-catching help arrives, there will be no more excuses.

Alex Shapiro of NBC Sports highlighted Young's horrible first year in the pros. He also acknowledged that it's way too soon to be writing off the former Alabama star given the mitigating circumstances attached.

"Like many rookies before him, Young had a terrible year in his NFL debut. It’s far too early to write him off as a bust, especially considering the Panthers’ roster was bereft of talent last season."

Alex Shapiro, NBC Sports

Some people are waiting for Young to fail in pursuit of enhancing their opinions, which is pretty sad. But don't be surprised if the signal-caller begins silencing some increasing doubters once Canales works his magic.