Panthers News: Donte Jackson, Bryce Young, DE visit and Louis Riddick's praise

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Carolina Panthers 'locked in' on Bryce Young

We are getting closer than ever to the rumors, debates, arguments, and ongoing speculation about which quarterback the Carolina Panthers will take coming to an end. And almost every fan will be thankful for official confirmation after a tiresome process. 

The Panthers have kept everyone guessing and are yet to reveal publicly what their intentions are. However, the general consensus around the national media centers squarely on Bryce Young being their guy at No. 1 overall. 

While there are still some that believe the Panthers will pick C.J. Stroud or perhaps even Anthony Richardson, NFL draft analyst Lance Zierlein believes team owner David Tepper could pull rank in pursuit of bringing Young into the fold.

"If it were up to Frank Reich, I think he might rather have a bigger quarterback. But if the owner pulls the trigger there, which I believe is gonna happen, the Texans have no chance at getting Bryce Young. Like, even if they offered a trade-up, they’re not gonna be able to get him. The only way they’d be able to get him—what I was told—is if Bryce tries to tell them he wouldn’t play for them. That’s the only way they would have a chance—saying ‘I’m not playing for you’ and that’s not Bryce’s personality."

Lance Zierlein via Panthers Wire

This goes along with Adam Schefter's report about there being a potential conflict between Frank Reich and Tepper about which quarterback should be picked. The owner is renowned for meddling in football affairs, but it would be surprising if the head coach and general manager Scott Fitterer didn't have the final say on this one.