Panthers News: Failed trades, David Tepper, Bryce Young and Frank Reich

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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper's unhappiness

Large sections of the fanbase are calling for change. The Carolina Panthers are the league's laughing stock thanks in no small part to their incompetent offense and recruitment strategies that aren't bringing any sort of legitimate progress.

David Tepper is not a patient man. According to Dianna Russini of The Athletic, there is unhappiness about the lack of progress and unless something changes, the insider expects there to be offseason changes once again in 2024.

"The opinion that [Bryce] Young is the future is still the unified belief based on conversations with multiple team sources. That’s excellent news for Panthers fans — everyone remains in lockstep. However, I am told Panthers owner David Tepper is frustrated by this offense and its lack of improvement. Some in the building believe the roster hasn’t been built correctly, while others criticize the offense overall. This is an offense some league sources have described as “boring,” “predictable” and even “lifeless.” I’m told the message in the building is, “Ownership needs to see more progress on offense. There needs to be development and improvement.” If the second half of the regular season looks like the first half, I expect Carolina to make changes."

Dianna Russini, The Athletic

This places Scott Fitterer firmly under the microscope. Russini's report didn't make for good reading where the front office figure is concerned, but whether Tepper would go one step further and hit the reset button completely is another matter.

Make no mistake, the pressure is on and improvements must be dramatic. Otherwise, Tepper might wield the axe once again.