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Adam Thielen
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Carolina Panthers QB Matt Corral's spot

Matt Corral could be forgiven for being a little nervous right now. The quarterback can only do so much in terms of impressing the coaching staff in pursuit of a roster spot, with discussions ongoing about whether the Carolina Panthers should take three signal-callers onto their 53.

That possibility improved thanks to the new NFL rule that permits an emergency third option to be activated during games. But as Panthers' staff writer Darin Gantt recently stated, taking Corral onto the team would leave another talented player out of luck at another position.

"The Panthers built a coaching staff to develop a quarterback. The priority is obviously Young, but Corral benefits from all of that wisdom as well. And Reich acknowledged last week that because quarterbacks are a scarce commodity, it's hard to let go of one if he has potential. And everything we've seen from Corral this preseason suggests progress. That doesn't mean he's guaranteed a roster spot. To keep a third quarterback demands going short someplace else. Injuries complicate that. That could complicate things for Corral and others. They're likely to have to cut somebody they'd rather keep to account for some of those issues."

Darin Gantt,

Frank Reich recently praised Corral for his work ethic and willingness to improve. But this is a business above all else and if the Panthers decide that two quarterbacks on the roster is the best course of action, the former third-round pick out of Ole Miss will likely be waived or traded if a willing suitor comes forward.