Panthers News: Frank Reich, Andy Dalton, Adam Thielen and more injuries

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on discipline

The lack of discipline was nothing short of laughable in Week 3. Lumen Field is notoriously loud and hostile, but the Carolina Panthers wilted under the pressure en route to countless false starts and enough self-inflicted wounds to suffer their third-straight loss to open the campaign.

This is unacceptable. The Panthers looked unprepared and unable to cope with the atmosphere, which is not in keeping with what was expected from Carolina's high-profile coaching staff littered with an intriguing blend of progressive minds and experience.

When discussing the discipline issues, Frank Reich stated his belief in the staff via the team's website. However, the head coach was under no illusions as to the level of incompetence displayed by his squad at the Seattle Seahawks.

"First of all, what we said in there was, and I mean, I have a very strong belief in our team and our players. I have a very strong belief in our coaches, and I know we can be a good football team if we don't beat ourselves. That being said, what we did, the number of penalties that we had on offense was pathetic. And, you know, that starts with me, as an offensive coach, that starts with our offensive coaches, you know, getting our players ready, and that starts with our players, that's unacceptable. I mean, it's like we never played in the noise before. We knew it was coming."

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It's still relatively early, but the heat is on Reich and his coaches to turn this around. Expectations were probably higher than this team could manage, which was thanks in no small part to general manager Scott Fitterer's claims that Carolina was ready to drop in a quarterback and take off.

Make of that what you will.