Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, Bradley Bozeman and personnel

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Bradley Bozeman
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's future

After so much hope during the offseason, for Frank Reich to see himself on hot seat lists and not carrying favor with the fanbase so soon into his head coaching tenure is an absolute catastrophe. The Carolina Panthers haven't lived up to some bold predictions made by those in power and the pressure is on as a result.

Firing Reich and starting fresh yet again after just one season would be a big call for David Tepper to make. However, Dianna Russini of The Athletic doubled down on her earlier report that a monumental effort is needed from those within the building to keep their jobs beyond the current campaign via Sports Illustrated.

"There’s frustration with the way this offense is performing, the development of Bryce Young, the overall effort and energy from the players and from the coaches. I think in terms of a leash right now I think it’s a short one for the future of this coaching staff. What they were hoping for this to look like vs. the reality of it, it’s just too far apart. I think the only way this staff can keep their jobs at the end of this year will be if there is significant improvement."

Dianna Russini via Sports Illustrated

Carolina's schedule doesn't look especially difficult over their remaining eight games - this weekend's clash aside. However, guaranteeing success against anybody the way this team is playing and who they've already lost against would be foolish.

A dramatic few weeks await.