Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, James Campen and biggest hole

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James Campen thrilled with Carolina Panthers OL

When James Campen agreed to stay on under the Carolina Panthers' revamped coaching regime, it was as big as any new arrival that came before or after. The offensive line coach completely galvanized an underperforming unit, taking those already around and blending them with fresh faces to form a cohesive unit immediately.

This saw the Panthers' protection become among the league's most improved last season. With the starting five linemen all returning along with Campen and some other additions to the ranks, the coach stated via Augusta Stone of that continuity has enabled things to move a little quicker this time around - something that could mean great things moving forward.

"The one advantage going into the second year with the same group, you're not having to teach the new drills and all that again, so they can kind of go into things a lot quicker. As a group, we're making bigger strides early. And I think that obviously helps the new guys coming in because now they can see it being done the correct way. Now it's all refining."

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There is a lot riding on the offensive line in 2023. They'll be tasked with protecting Carolina's biggest offseason investment Bryce Young, who must be kept out of harm's way given the obvious size concerns.

Even though Austin Corbett will miss some regular-season time, Campen will get a tune out of his replacement. Whether that's Justin McCray, Cade Mays, or fourth-round selection Chandler Zavala remains to be seen.