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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich passes the torch

After some soul-searching and serious reflection, Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich determined that something had to change. And how he leads this group of men had to alter along the way.

That involved a right and expected transition. Reich has now officially passed over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, which fans had been calling for given his blossoming reputation and the fact he hails from the Sean McVay coaching tree.

When discussing the move, Reich stated via Carolina's website that this was always the plan regardless of the team's record. And the figurehead is confident Brown can thrive with his newfound responsibilities.

"It's always been part of the plan. Something Thomas and I have discussed from the time that he was hired. I'm excited for this, for Thomas. I'm excited for our team and our offense; Thomas is a stud. He's a great leader. He's a brilliant offensive mind. I think what was different about this situation and why I didn't do it right from the start, maybe was because I didn't know Thomas before this year. And so it was going to be a question of us kind of working together, getting into the season, and obviously because his aptitude is so high and how fast he is as a thinker and on his feet. I knew it was not a question of if, just when. The play-calling thing is still going to be collaborative. Thomas is going to lead it. He's in charge of it; he'll make the call."

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This is hopefully going to make Carolina's offense a more fluid, creative operation consistently. It'll also enable Reich to be a better head coach rather than having to worry about the offensive side of things.

Doing this at the bye was the right time. It gives Brown an extra few days to implement his ethos and get his players on the same page, which could lead to immediate growth if everyone buys in.