Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, Miles Sanders and Brian Burns

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's omission

There is no denying Frank Reich is a man under increasing pressure. False promises and delusions of grandeur about what the Carolina Panthers might be capable of in 2023 are coming back to bite those in positions of power, with the head coach front and center while others such as general manager Scott Fitterer have the luxury of staying out of the limelight.

Reich's play-calling once again came under scrutiny following their loss against the Minnesota Vikings. The head coach did himself absolutely no favors whatsoever by admitting to calling a play for Adam Thielen without realizing he was in the blue medical tent receiving attention via USA Today Sports.

"I called a play for [Adam] Thielen. And then, I realized he was out. And I didn’t know he was out fast enough. It was a play that could only go to Thielen. So I had to change the call. And that was the one we had to call a timeout on."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

There is a lot going on during a football game, so one could make an argument that this is an easy mistake to make. But surely the figurehead on the sidelines should be told his primary pass-catcher is currently receiving treatment before deciding on his next move.

Also, Reich should have kept this to himself. Having transparency is all well and good, but all this did was bring the microscope down further on what's been a disastrous start to his head coaching tenure in Carolina.