Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, Thomas Brown and increased pressure

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Frank Reich
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How change impacts Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown

Every struggling head coach needs a scapegoat. Matt Rhule had Joe Brady, who was fired as offensive coordinator the day after spending his week off helping quarterback Cam Newton pick up the offense following his bombshell return.

Frank Reich has Thomas Brown, who has one more win than the head coach as the Carolina Panthers' play-caller. The head coach pulled rank and took back a significant responsibility, which is a bad look for someone who seems to be clinging onto power currently.

Reich was quick to point out that this won't have an impact on Brown's future via Carolina's website. Yet another short-sighted opinion from a man who is overseeing an extremely unstable operation.

"This should have zero impact on Thomas's career arc. First of all, anybody who knows Thomas knows he's brilliant and that he's a great leader, alpha male, fast on his feet. And so this is a three-game sample size on a team on a team and an offense that's been struggling. You know, what, what was he supposed to do? I mean, was it supposed to be magic his first time calling in three games? So this will have little or no impact on Thomas's long-term trajectory. He's too good of a coach, person, the whole deal."

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The figurehead might genuinely believe this, but Brown is going to have to answer questions about this during interviews for whatever team he ends up at next. And if the progressive young mind had any sense whatsoever, he'd be on the first plane out of Charlotte once the 2023 campaign concludes if Reich is still around.