Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, Week 13 and flaming seats

Examining the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers flaming seats

Pressure is building to high levels within the Carolina Panthers after moving to 1-10. That's unfortunately not a typo after one of the worst starts to a season in the franchise's eventful three decades as an NFL operation.

There are obvious signs of growing friction, too. Perhaps the biggest of all came from team owner David Tepper, who was seen leaving the locker room firing off an expletive and shaking his head in disgust according to the media waiting to speak with players.

He didn't speak to head coach Frank Reich immediately after. But you can bet your bottom dollar a difficult conversation is going to occur in the coming hours.

Will Kunkel of FOX Houston and formerly of FOX Charlotte stated via sources that Reich's seat has gone from hot to flaming following another woeful offensive display - the second in succession since he took over play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown.

While Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network said Tepper would evaluate everything at the end of the campaign, this has gone way over the tipping point. The big plans and delusions emanating from those in power before the campaign are long gone, replaced by the prospect of yet another reset after one season with the current regime.

Of course, that won't change the biggest problem of all. Tepper is the root of all evil in Carolina and unless he alters his approach, the Panthers are unlikely to flourish.