Panthers News: Frank Reich, Chase Young, Miles Sanders and Bryce Young

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Carolina Panthers taking gambling policy seriously

One doesn't have to look far around the league to see how the NFL is cracking down on gambling. This is a contentious subject considering how increasingly influential sports betting has become across the United States of America, but the rules are there for players and the ramifications are severe if they get caught out.

Some high-profile individuals have recently received suspensions for violating the league's gambling policy. There is also an investigation ongoing with Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers that could also result in sanctions.

When speaking about what the Carolina Panthers are doing to make players more aware, head coach Frank Reich stated to Mike Kaye of The Charlotte Observer via Pro Football Talk that the franchise will do everything in its power to keep the game's integrity intact.

"It’s a big deal. Obviously, we fully support and agree with everything the league is doing in this area. It’s something to be taken very serious. So, you approach the education process through multiple efforts, a lot of it — we have a great support staff — and then the league sends in people to do training, more formal things. But then there’s a lot of informal discussion with our development people. And it’s an ongoing process, right? This is a new issue, players and coaches — we all need to continue how important this is for the integrity of our game and fully support what the league is doing."

Frank Reich via Pro Football Talk

Obviously, everyone is learning as they go here. Sports betting and the money involved are only going to increase moving forward, so remaining educated and vigilant is of paramount importance for the Panthers.