Panthers News: Frank Reich, Hayden Hurst, Terrace Marshall and David Tepper

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Hayden Hurst
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's preparation

After so much optimism throughout a dramatic offseason for the Carolina Panthers, nobody expected them to lose their first five games of the 2023 season. No realistic fan envisaged a Super Bowl run, but to see the team falling by the wayside after being told this was a roster built to drop in a quarterback and take off is a major disappointment.

With general manager Scott Fitterer and team owner David Tepper hiding in the shadows, head coach Frank Reich is carrying the can. Pressure is mounting to turn this sinking ship around, but that might have to be after the bye considering how the Miami Dolphins are performing of late.

Regardless of whether the Panthers have a shot this weekend or not, Reich is looking for better preparation, more commitment, and a collective process based on his comments via Carolina's website.

"First and foremost, in their preparation. It takes a little bit more collaborating with the coaches, looking for an edge, looking (at) how can we give the players – and we're always looking for that – but just challenging yourself to find, is there one other play that we can run? On the field, (it's) how can we push the guys on the field? What's the right scheduling thing? We're in practice, what that looks like, and then watching the tape of our practice, are we correcting the mistakes that we see on practice tape so they don't show up again on game tape? Don't leave any detail out. Weeks get very busy. There's a lot of stuff going on. You've just got to make sure you're covering every detail."

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This sounds great and hopefully, it bears fruit. But after five straight defeats - some of them nothing short of embarrassing - talk is cheap.