Panthers News: Frank Reich, Hayden Hurst, Terrace Marshall and David Tepper

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Hayden Hurst
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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper's meddling

It seemed for a long time as if team owner David Tepper had learned some harsh lessons and was altering his thought process accordingly. The Matt Rhule hire and giving him so much control was an expected catastrophe, but the Carolina Panthers went about their business with far more conviction throughout the offseason to raise hopes about long-term, sustainable success.

After five weeks, the Panthers are back to square one. There is no inspiration, the same problems constantly emerge from week to week, and Carolina is all set to give up the No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft to the Chicago Bears as it stands.

Tepper is a renowned meddler in football affairs. He can do what he likes as owner, obviously, but it's clear standing over head coach Frank Reich's shoulder at every turn is having an impact for good or bad based on his comments via USA Today Sports.

"He’s super competitive. Wants to bring a winner to the Carolinas. He wants it now. Wants it now. And pushes me and pushes us to that end. He wants to do whatever it takes and turn over every stone. Turn it as much as he has to to produce winning football. So, I appreciate those conversations—they’re always very challenging. He’s a super-competitive person. He’s not gonna sit idly by. There’s different philosophies in ownership. Some owners kinda stay away and don’t engage a whole lot. Other owners do. And his philosophy is he’s gonna engage. And listen, it’s only been a short experience, but it’s been a really good experience. It hasn’t been fun. It’s not fun. Those meetings—I wouldn’t characterize them as fun meetings. But those meetings make me better and I trust they make us better."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

The billionaire hasn't achieved any success since buying the Panthers. He's impatient after so much underachievement, which is understandable, but perhaps Tepper should focus more on the business side instead of forcing the issue on football matters.

Based on history, that seems highly unlikely.