Panthers News: Frank Reich, Jaycee Horn, Bryce Young and Matt Rhule

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Matt Rhule
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Matt Rhule's latest bizarre statement

Carolina Panthers fans are no strangers to Matt Rhule's post-game blunders. The former head coach often filled his press conferences with weird references and excuses as the organization descended into complete chaos under his leadership.

The seven-year plan and comparing himself to Jay-Z were among the notable highlights. Things haven't exactly flourished without Rhule - a sign Carolina's problems run much deeper and start right at the top with team owner David Tepper - but the new Nebraska head coach continues to make bizarre statements in front of the media.

The latest? Rhule compared his seniors to those brave souls who stormed the beaches of Normandy during World War II via Awful Announcing. A statement coming in for ridicule and criticism given the complete contrast in situations.

"Sometimes the first people to do things don’t get to see the results. The first people to storm the beach at Normandy, you know. The first explorers. You don’t always get to see the end result."

Matt Rhule via Awful Announcing

Rhule will never stop putting that big foot in his mouth. These quotes normally come after defeats, but the Panthers cannot laugh too much given their current plight with Frank Reich and his supposed all-star staff leading the charge.