Panthers News: Frank Reich, Justin Houston, Super Bowl 50 and joint practices

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Frank Reich
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Frank Reich wants discipline from Carolina Panthers

One doesn't have to look far around the league to see how things can often boil over during joint practices. The Carolina Panthers aren't immune from this - just look at Kenny Robinson last summer - so keeping this aggression in check and harnessing it in a positive manner is the only way to maximize the experience of going up against the high-profile New York Jets at Wofford College with the HBO Hard Knocks cameras in attendance.

When discussing how the Panthers were going to approach these sessions, head coach Frank Reich stated his displeasure with the fighting aspect that could emerge via USA Today Sports. He also revealed that he'll be speaking with Robert Saleh in the hope it can prevent any unnecessary distractions.

"The fighting thing . . . I just cannot stand. I mean, it’s just useless. I mean, I get it. It’s a very emotional game. Hopefully, we’ll be pros about it. Coach [Robert] Saleh and I will talk and we’ll talk to the teams. The good thing is with the Jets—we’re gonna work real hard the first day and the second day’s gonna be much lighter. A lot of times, the fighting comes the second day. That’s been my experience, anyway. So we’ll minimize the opportunity for that. We have a little bit of work with ’em. That second day, we’re gonna work together a little bit, but we’re also gonna work separate a little bit."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

Obviously, nothing is guaranteed. Players are fighting for jobs and there's a lot of personal pride at stake - but you can bet your bottom dollar Carolina won't be the joint-practice walkover it became under the previous coaching regime.