Panthers News: Frank Reich, Justin Houston, Super Bowl 50 and joint practices

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers fans forced to re-live repressed memory

No Carolina Panthers fan wants to be reminded of how the 2015 season concluded. One of the most iconic runs to the Super Bowl in NFL history didn't come with a fairytale ending as Ron Rivera's men turned in their most disappointing performance of the campaign by a considerable margin.

Their demoralizing defeat to the Denver Broncos was full of what might have been moments. It also came as a direct result of the Panthers having no answer for stud edge rusher Von Miller, who tormented right tackle Mike Remmers from start to finish.

When discussing the Super Bowl 50 triumph recently, Miller stated via Sports Illustrated that there was a little bit of luck involved in Denver's triumph. The future Pro Football Hall of Famer added that the Panthers were clearly a better team and one of the most special outfits in league history.

"If you go back to the 2015 Super Bowl when we played the Carolina Panthers, like if we played those guys ten times, I don't see us beating those guys. You know, we probably beat those guys twice. They had one of the most amazing offenses and amazing teams in NFL history. Cam Newton MVP and Luke Kuechly on defense. We were able to just scratch one out and win that one. It takes a little bit of luck."

Von Miller via Sports Illustrated

This is nice to say, but it means absolutely nothing. The Panthers couldn't get the job done and this was the last time they've been close to hoisting an elusive first Vince Lombardi Trophy despite the immense talent that's walked through the door.

Hopefully, the new regime can finally bring a ring to the franchise. Although expecting miracles right away is unrealistic.