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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's rallying cry

After so much optimism throughout the offseason, things couldn't be further from that right now where the Carolina Panthers are concerned. Four consecutive losses and trips to the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins before the bye mean there is a real danger of Frank Reich's men being 0-6 before their extended rest period, which represents a disastrous scenario for a team that portrayed hope of winning the NFC South in 2023.

This was an emphatic delusion from those in positions of power based on what we've witnessed over the opening four weeks. When discussing their failings, Reich issued a rallying cry to fans via Carolina's website and is confident his unit could develop as the campaign progresses.

"I believe we are a young team that is developing and growing, even though we're here to win now. We are growing and developing, and that doesn't have to wait a year. We can grow in season. We have a new staff, a lot of turnover in the roster. So maybe more of an opportunity for us to meld and mesh together as the season goes on. Looking forward to that. And we know it's our responsibility to give the fans something to cheer about. We look forward to doing that."

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That's all well and good, but being 0-6 with no first-round selection in 2024 means a few more losses could see the front office embark on some tough decisions before te trade deadline. Carolina's soft rebuild is blowing up in their face - so hitting the reset button and acquiring the assets needed to build a contending team while Bryce Young is on his rookie contract.