Panthers News: Frank Reich, Thomas Davis, Donte Jackson and Bryce Young

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines with the team's early offseason workout schedule now in the rearview mirror?

Frank Reich and Bryce Young
Frank Reich and Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Bryce Young reflects on Carolina Panthers whirlwind

One could have forgiven Bryce Young for being a little dizzy after such an unbelievable six-week period that began with the Carolina Panthers selecting the quarterback at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Instead, he's gone about his business in a typically composed fashion.

Young transitioned smoothly to the scheme, is building bonds with teammates, and has led by example in a tone-setting manner that hasn't gone unnoticed. Coaches and teammates have been gushing with their praise so far, which also led to a quick surge to No. 1 on the quarterback depth chart as expected.

It was interesting to hear what Young thought about the Panthers' set-up after the final day of Carolina's mandatory minicamp. The former Alabama star stated via Darin Gantt on the team's website that being pushed and held accountable is exactly what the signal-caller was looking for to smooth his integration.

"And my teammates, again, embracing me, pushing me, holding me accountable. We all take responsibility here; it's a great group of guys that all look in the mirror first. We all come together, see what we could have done better, and then we'll talk about it. So, you know, I think it's just being able to build time with this coaching staff and his team and build a connection."

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Frank Reich was extremely pleased with Young's performances and the way he's conducting himself so far. Although the head coach was quick to point out the pads haven't come on yet, which brings a different set of challenges to overcome.