Panthers news: Frankie Luvu, Jaycee Horn, Baker Mayfield and 2015 memories

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Carolina Panthers legends shared 2015 memories

Cam Newton and Greg Olsen were two core foundational pieces to the Carolina Panthers' success during the 2010s. They formed an exceptional connection. They built a friendship that is standing the test of time. The duo also shared some heart-warming tales from the incredible 2015 campaign when the tight end turned FOX analyst spent time with his former quarterback on Radio Row in Las Vegas.

That season will always be tinged with a hint of regret. The Panthers were easily the best team in football. They went 15-1 during the regular season and dominated the playoffs en route to the Super Bowl. Newton was crowned NFL MVP. Unfortunately, it fell agonizingly short with defeat against the Denver Broncos.

Listening to Olsen and Newton talk on the 4thand1 podcast, it's clear that the memories of such an incredible time in their careers weren't just situated on the gridiron. In particular, the duo recalled a Thanksgiving Day meal after obliterating the Dallas Cowboys as a moment they cherish to this day.

Listening to this sort of story is exactly why some fans cannot let go of the past. The Panthers have lost this camaraderie since David Tepper bought the team. This bond, spirit, and togetherness is gone. Replaced by a toxic environment and a losing mentality that would have been simply unacceptable just a few short years ago.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by Dan Morgan, who's made no secret of his desire to restore the core ethos that made Panthers football so feared once upon a time. The sooner this happens, the better.