Panthers News: Hot seats, Bryce Young, injuries and Week 10 prediction

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Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers hot seats?

Nobody expected the Carolina Panthers to be sitting at 1-7 through eight games. Least of all those in power after their outlandish claims of NFC South contention and playoff football writing checks this playing personnel simply couldn't cash.

Team owner David Tepper is renowned for impatience and being impulsive. He demonstrated that yesterday by firing another Charlotte FC head coach, but admitting he's wrong on Frank Reich and others doesn't seem likely unless there's a complete capitulation down the stretch.

This was a topic brought up by ESPN's insider Dan Graziano. The reporter stated that although it would be a bombshell if Reich was canned after just one season, he did wonder whether general manager Scott Fitterer could be in the firing line if things continue going south.

"I'd be surprised if Carolina moved on from Reich after one year. I wonder a little bit about GM Scott Fitterer, as it can't be sitting well with ownership that No. 2 pick C.J. Stroud looks so much better so far than No. 1 pick Bryce Young, but I have no inside information to indicate that owner David Tepper is upset enough to fire people. We'll stay tuned there, but as of now, I'd say that would be a shocker."

Dan Graziano, ESPN

These half-measures and going about this all wrong have been the hallmark of Tepper's tenure. Both general managers under his ownership were kept on when new head coaches were needed, which forces relationships to mesh rather than focusing on previous connections bearing fruit.

Watch this space, I guess…