Panthers News: Hunger Games, Hayden Hurst, Bryce Young and training camp

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's durability

One could forgive Bryce Young for thinking what he's let himself in for after being chosen by the Carolina Panthers at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. This is not a typical environment where any quarterback flourishes, let alone a player looking to make his way in a league that exposes weakness and takes no prisoners.

Young is working with one hand tied behind his back. Coaching turmoil, an offensive scheme not playing to his strengths, and woeful protection are making life extremely difficult - so it comes as no surprise to see the Panthers struggling at 1-11.

When discussing his durability despite getting sacked more than most around the league, Young placed his faith as the primary reason why such brutal hits are being absorbed based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"That’s God. That’s God protecting me and, of course, people around me—that stuff, it’s outta my control. Definitely grateful to be here, to be healthy. To be able to play, it’s a blessing. I don’t lose sight of that."

Bryce Young via USA Today Sports

God might be protecting Young, but nobody else putting on a Panthers uniform seems to be more often than not. But apparently - according to influential figures within the organization - this is a footwork issue rather than the offensive line's failure to pick up even the most simple stunts and shifts.

Go figure…