Panthers News: Jaycee Horn, Brian Burns, Bryce Young and Tee Higgins

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Tee Higgins
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No changes between Carolina Panthers and Brian Burns

Brian Burns looked like a man possessed in the first quarter at the Atlanta Falcons. There were many who speculated whether or not the edge rusher would suit up at all considering no new contract had been agreed upon, but he remained professional and got himself two sacks to potentially strengthen his representatives' claims at the negotiating table.

Nothing new has emerged this week aside from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN stating that Burns had turned his attention to putting together a campaign that would get him the sort of money Nick Bosa commanded from the San Francisco 49ers. When asked about the situation during his weekly mailbag, team writer Darin Gantt said the Carolina Panthers could use the franchise tag if all else fails to keep their best player around.

"Nothing's really changed as it pertains to Burns. They've talked about an extension, but the two sides haven't agreed on one. Without people on either side commenting publicly about the negotiations (which is certainly wise, if frustrating at times), it's impossible to know the reasons why a deal is or isn't getting done. Burns is playing and playing well. He also seems to be at peace with what's happening around him, and peace is a valuable commodity, too. Listen to him after the Falcons game. That was not a scorched-earth guy. He's under contract for this season. They can always franchise tag him next year. So until there's a deal or there's not a deal, it appears Burns is going to keep doing what he's doing. That seems like a good thing."

Darin Gantt,

The reasons behind talks stalling remain a mystery to anyone who isn't in the inner circle. However, this has been handled terribly by the Pathers when one considers Burns' importance to the set-up and the fact those holding out to make their statement have already been paid around the league.