Panthers news: Jaycee Horn, Michael Pittman Jr., cap space and combine note

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Jaycee Horn
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Carolina Panthers CB Jaycee Horn's option

Things are also clearer regarding Jaycee Horn's future after the league's new financial stipulations became public knowledge. The star cornerback continues to endure hardship on the injury front. That said, he is among the league's best coverage presences when fit and firing on all cylinders.

The Carolina Panthers must decide whether or not to trigger Horn's fifth-year option this offseason. Some pros and cons will be discussed at length by those in power. Considering the numbers involved, one could make a strong case for this being a gamble worth taking.

Horn's number on a high fifth-year option stands at $12.472 million. Considering the former South Carolina college star's talent and what other prolific cornerbacks are making around the league, the cost isn't steep by any stretch of the imagination.

This would give the Panthers some extra time to work out something long-term if Horn puts a consistent run of games together in 2024. The injury-prone tag remains on the defensive back until further notice. That said, there is no disputing the exceptional gifts he brings to the table.

A healthy Horn would be an integral part of Carolina's future. While nothing could be said with any guarantee, the fifth-year option number makes this a realistic and potentially cost-effective avenue to pursue.