Panthers News: Jaycee Horn, Shi Smith, Christian McCaffrey and Matt Corral

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Carolina Panthers QB's future discussed

Everything seems to have died down somewhat regarding Matt Corral's future with the Carolina Panthers. While it's not the most promising situation after the team surged up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft for Bryce Young, the new coaching staff clearly wants to see what they have in the former third-round selection before coming to a formal conclusion about his future.

Corral has indicated his willingness to fight for a role, whatever that might be. And the new ruling that allows the activation of an emergency quarterback in case injury strikes should mean he suits up weekly despite the presence of veteran Andy Dalton.

When discussing Corral's future in his June mailbag, Panthers staff writer Darin Gantt stated that moving him for anything less than a big return would be foolish. Although he was also quick to point out that nothing can be ruled out so early into the preparation period.

"While it may not be ideal to be stuck behind a No. 1 overall pick, Reich was right when he encouraged Corral to "play the long game". None of us know how this is going to work out in the future. Like the great Ben McAdoo, I left my crystal ball in my other pants. But Corral is here and working (and looking sharper in practice) and apparently taking advantage of this situation as best he can. That's all he can do. From the team's perspective, it would be short-sighted to move him unless it was for a big return, and they're not going to get one of those now. Let him develop, and see what happens."

Darin Gantt,

This was always going to be a starting-from-scratch outlook for Corral. His rookie campaign couldn't have gone any worse, so developing under an exceptional coaching regime without any immediate pressure to take the field in a competitive setting could be worth its weight in gold.

If Young flourishes as expected and Corral looks the part in preseason games, then a situation could emerge where the Panthers get suitable compensation for the one-time Ole Miss star. That looks more likely to take place next summer than in the near future.