Panthers news: Jim Harbaugh, Bill Belichick, Bryce Young and injuries

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Jim Harbaugh
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Carolina Panthers' stance on Jim Harbaugh

Speculation continues to run wild about Jim Harbaugh's future. The respected figure is gearing up for a national championship final on Monday with the Michigan Wolverines. After that, all signs point to an NFL return.

Harbaugh recently hired an agent with close ties to the league. He was keen to keep the focus on the immediate task at hand when speaking to the media, but this could be the year when he returns to the next level.

According to Travis Hancock of WFNZ, Harbaugh is reportedly intrigued by the idea of turning the Panthers around. Unfortunately for the coach and the franchise, team owner David Tepper is reluctant to give up control to a more experienced coach. When one considers how the billionaire has gone about his business since buying the organization from Jerry Richardson, this is unsurprising.

If the report is accurate, it proves Tepper has learned absolutely nothing. He is the problem. He fails to acknowledge this fact. Not giving a serious coach like Harbaugh consideration - who's won everywhere he's been - just because the hedge fund manager wants to remain heavily involved in the football operation is asinine.

Tepper likes surrounding himself with yes-men who'll pander to his ego at every turn. The likes of Harbaugh and Bill Belichick wouldn't be doing that under any circumstances. So it might come down to which candidate is willing to put up with him.

That's a terrible situation for the franchise to be in.