Panthers news: Jim Harbaugh, Bill Belichick, Bryce Young and injuries

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Jim Harbaugh
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can be great

It's been a rollercoaster rookie campaign for Bryce Young. The environment around the promising signal caller hasn't been great. The schematic concepts on offense didn't suit his skill set. The offensive line was a complete joke more often than not. This resulted in an underwhelming first year with plenty of mitigating circumstances attached.

Young will be glad to get his final regular season clash of 2023 out of the way against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The No. 1 overall selection got a nice confidence boost from opposing head coach Todd Bowles, who thought he could be one of the greats if the Panthers do right by the player based on comments via Messenger Sports.

"He's one of the best scramblers I've seen this year. Lot of poise. He's gonna be one of the best to ever do it once he's done playing. Poise in the pocket, can throw on the dime. He's very athletic, he can move in the pocket, but not just to run, to throw as well. And he's very patient."

Todd Bowles via Messenger Sports

Praising opposing players to provide them with a false sense of security isn't uncommon around the NFL. Bowles went above and beyond the typical, which is a testament to how Young applied himself in extremely difficult circumstances.

Young would be the first to admit his personal performance levels haven't been good enough. But the former Alabama star can only do so much - it's up to those in power to surround their big investment with everything he needs in the coming weeks and months.

If they don't, the same problems will arise next season.