Panthers News: Luke Kuechly, C.J. Stroud, QB conflict and TE impression

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Carolina Panthers QB conflict

Anyone that thought there would be a consensus opinion about what the Carolina Panthers wanted from atop the draft was kidding themselves. Getting to No. 1 overall after striking a deal with the Chicago Bears was the easiest part of a thorough process - choosing the right guy will be the franchise-altering move that is likely to define this new regime. 

While everyone has their own thoughts, the only opinions that matter are those trusted with making the decision. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, there could be some conflict within the building centered on team owner David Tepper and head coach Frank Reich. 

"There’s a belief that David Tepper loves Bryce Young, [and] Frank Reich likes CJ Stroud. They said ‘We love all these quarterbacks, and we have 48 days to make a decision on which one we will be taking.’"

Adam Schefter, ESPN via SI

Tepper meddling in football affairs should come with a collective groan from fans. This hasn't exactly been a recipe for success in the past, so the billionaire might want to rethink his influence and leave the call to some outstanding minds within the building. 

In all likelihood, the decision will be made between Scott Fitterer and Reich. Tepper will have a voice given he owns the place, but there needs to be the same level of trust we've witnessed pay off so hugely during an exceptional offseason for the Panthers to date.

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