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Mike Vrabel
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How Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan can thrive

Dan Morgan becoming president of football operations/general manager is being met with skepticism among some sections of the fanbase. Most are willing to give the former Carolina Panthers linebacker some good grace in the hope he can thrive with his newfound responsibilities. That's not the case with everyone - especially those who wanted a complete tear-down following such a disastrous 2023 campaign.

The Panthers are planning to provide Morgan with some additional assistance by hiring a front-office figure specializing in analytics and salary-cap management. This is something Al Wallace - an ex-teammate - believes can help the recently promoted figure impose his will and keep David Tepper at arm's length based on comments via Joe Person of The Athletic.

"For Dan to have that buffer, I think it’ll allow him to go in, speak his mind, give his opinions and assessments on the players and the direction of this football team without feeling the pressure of saying, ‘Well, I know who our owner likes. Should I appease him or should I stand strong in my conviction? I think Dan’s personality is built for this. If there’s a guy that is in that room that’ll step up and say, ‘This is how we’re gonna do it. You hired me for a specific reason. Let me do my job,’ I’ve seen him do that,” Wallace added. “I’ve seen him do that as a player, and I can’t imagine with the maturity and the experience now that he won’t do it in this new role."

Al Wallace via The Athletic

Being assertive enough to make the erratic billionaire remove himself from the football operation could be the key between success and failure for Morgan. Tepper is not going to be a total bystander like some successful owners throughout the league - his ego won't allow it - but adding a little extra breathing space would make a massive difference.