Panthers news: Mike Williams, Michael Gallup, Brian Burns and Donte Jackson

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Michael Gallup
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Donte Jackson's departure

Considering the Carolina Panthers were set to release cornerback Donte Jackson before his roster bonus was due, general manager Dan Morgan did well to turn this situation into a positive. He shipped the veteran cornerback to the Pittsburgh Steelers for wide receiver Diontae Johnson and Day 3 picks swaps. Something that could aid Bryce Young's progress considerably.

It's been an offseason of great change for Carolina. Morgan is gutting the roster and taking short-term financial hits for long-term flexibility. This was reflected in team writer Darin Gantt's comments on the subject. While he acknowledged letting Jackson leave was disappointing to some, nothing lasts forever.

"Donte [Jackson] was a quality human being, and when someone is here for more than a minute, you also see them grow as people. The Donte who walked in the door a stubborn (and mouthy) rookie was very different than the father and eventual team captain who left this week in a trade. Seeing people change over time should endear them to you. He grew, and fans grew closer to him. The emotional attachment is why most people watch ball games instead of stock tickers. But now that sports are businesses, change is going to be part of the deal. Before Donte got here, I bet you were fond of Josh Norman. And now that Donte's gone, there will be another."

Darin Gantt,

Jackson was a polarizing figure among the fanbase. He played well overall last season, but those in power felt that the salary-cap hit didn't justify the production he brought to the table. Given how things have unfolded under David Tepper's ownership, the Panthers don't possess the luxury of being sentimental about their roster construction.