Panthers news: Mike Williams, Michael Gallup, Brian Burns and Donte Jackson

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Michael Gallup
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Brian Burns turning the page

The Carolina Panthers mismanaged Brian Burns' situation beyond the previous regime's typical incompetence. Dan Morgan came in for criticism after accepting trade compensation that most thought was way below value. But this was the mess he inherited - although he was part of the decision-making process that turned down two first-round picks and a second-rounder from the Los Angeles Rams in 2022.

This became frustrating for Burns, too. When speaking to the media, the stud edge rusher was grateful for his time in Carolina but excited to begin his new journey in the Big Apple based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"Respect to Carolina. I really appreciate them drafting me back in 2019 and I had a great five years there. It just came to an end and we split paths but I'm just super excited to be a Giant now and start this new journey. I want to put that in the rearview as soon as possible," Burns said about being a part of five losing seasons. But I honestly would say that I feel like it definitely prepared me for what's coming in the future. Going through seasons as such, it was tough but it kind of teaches you resilience, it teaches you not to give up and it shows your character. I feel like throughout that process I've grown."

Brian Burns via Sports Illustrated

The Panthers had to take their medicine. Morgan thought this team was not in a position to be paying one player almost $30 million per season. Burns' departure leaves a gaping hole in their already threadbare pass-rush, it'll be interesting to see how Carolina approaches its quest to find adequate replacements.