Panthers News: Miles Sanders, Jaycee Horn, Bryce Young and Marquis Haynes

Miles Sanders
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Carolina Panthers RB Miles Sanders' unhappiness

When the Carolina Panthers spent relatively decent money to acquire Miles Sanders in free agency, it was seen as a surprise considering the running back market and only recently getting Christian McCaffrey's contract off the books. However, those in power believe this could be the security blanket and three-down presence needed to smooth Bryce Young's transition.

Sanders was probably holding out for more before the Panthers came calling. But there is a growing reluctance to pay running backs given their perceived short shelf-life and the toll generating significant targets has on their bodies.

This was a topic Sanders brought up during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show. Based on his comments via, it's clear that the former Penn State is far from happy with the current state of affairs around the league.

"For people and GMs or owners to think that running backs are not as valued as much is a lie because you've got to see how everything plays out. You've got to see what guys like Christian McCaffrey, the stuff he does, things that Saquon Barkley (does), the things that Josh Jacobs (does) consistently each year. You want to franchise tag and create a certain market for running backs just because you have this way of thinking that they only last three or four years. I think it's B.S., honestly. Almost every running back is underpaid right now. I don't know what it's gonna take. That's a topic that needs to be brought up a little more because it sucks to be a running back right now, honestly."

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Sanders might have a point, but that won't change anything where NFL teams are concerned. There are explosive running backs emerging from the college ranks every year who are fresher, quicker, and cheaper - so expect this trend to continue long into the future.