Panthers News: No. 1 pick, Will Levis, Scott Fitterer and Bryce Young's upside

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Carolina Panthers know their No. 1 pick

After months of dodging questions about which quarterback will be taken No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, there is now a consensus within the building. This comes after a thorough assessment process where all top-four prospects at the position were given an opportunity to convince those in power they are worthy of the distinction. 

When speaking to the media following the Carolina Panthers' first day of voluntary on-field workouts, head coach Frank Reich announced that general manager Scott Fitterer has now asked him which signal-caller is the preferred choice - and the conversation was seemingly as easy one with instant agreement. 

Reich also stated via that they moved up to No. 1 overall with a specific prospect in mind. Although there have been some slight shifts here and there, influential figures haven't altered their thought process all that much in the face of constant speculation. 

"I wouldn't say there's any drastic change in your mind. But there's ebbs and flows of how much you like the guy. And that's why you have to resist the temptation to make your mind up too early. So I thought we as scouting staff and coaches, did a good job of not falling into that trap."

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For all the talk about others, it appears Bryce Young was the guy all along. Now the Houston Texans won't have the chance to select the Alabama product, they could shift course and turn the 2023 NFL Draft on its head along the way.