Panthers News: Potential fire sale, Ian Thomas, Donte Jackson and Week 6

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Carolina Panthers CB Donte Jackson on injury woes

Every NFL team is going through injuries right now. But the Carolina Panthers are suffering more than most and their secondary is completely decimated heading into a daunting challenge in Week 6 at the Miami Dolphins.

There is no point wallowing in self-pity. The Panthers must have the play with the hand they've been dealt, but not having veteran safety Vonn Bell on the backend does nothing to improve their chances of securing the league's biggest upset so far.

When asked about the injuries, returning cornerback Donte Jackson stated via Carolina's website that it's having a big impact. However, the former second-round pick added that there is plenty of resolve remaining in the locker room despite facing significant hardship.

"(It's) very impactful. It's football; you can't plan for injury, and it's the sucky part about the game we love. The only thing you can do really is just support those guys on their journey. I've been in the training room a lot, so that's really what it takes. As long as you've got your guys holding it down and having your back, it always helps get you through that."

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Nobody cares about what inner turmoil the Panthers are going through on the health front. This is a next-man-up league and although it's not ideal, those taking the field must roll up their sleeves and fight with everything they have.