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Steve Smith Sr. lauds ex-Carolina Panthers teammate

There was something for every Carolina Panthers fan to enjoy on Wednesday when two of the team's greatest-ever wide receivers came together for an emotional reunion. And it was as good as everyone imagined.

Steve Smith Sr. welcomed Muhsin Muhammad to the latest edition of his podcast, where they went through their time with the Panthers, some stories behind the scenes, and reflected on what might have been had the duo stayed together throughout their prime.

One thing that came across plenty throughout was their deep admiration and respect for one another, which brought some of the greatest days in franchise history along the way. As Smith stated via Yahoo Sports, there was also a competitive edge that spurred both wideouts to be better on and off the field.

"For me, I see you as Moose. A guy that I admired and hated at the same time because of the competitiveness of who you were and who I am. There were times where, ya know, the same thing you were thinkin’ about me, I was thinkin’ about you. And that’s why we rolled our eyes at each other, right?I’m a product of what you taught. So, I just wanted to make sure—and also people know, man—ain’t no Smitty without Moose."

Steve Smith Sr. via Yahoo Sports

It was nice to take a trip down memory lane with two players that remain beloved in the Carolinas to this day. And with Muhsin Muhammad III set to enter the 2024 NFL Draft, the legacy is living on.