Panthers News: Schedule, rookie minicamp, Frank Reich and Andy Dalton

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Carolina Panthers 2023 schedule release

Every NFL fan around the world was waiting with bated breath as the league formally released the 2023 season schedule. Leaks and rumors surfaced throughout the day, which saw the Carolina Panthers kick things off with two divisional games and a pair of nationally televised encounters on primetime throughout the campaign.

Despite wholesale changes across the board this offseason, there is a quiet belief that the Panthers can make some noise. Getting off to a fast start will be crucial, but this newfound optimism is far from the trepidation that clouded the franchise when Matt Rhule held absolute power.

For those who missed it, here is Carolina's full slate of fixtures in 2023:

  • Week 1: at Falcons
  • Week 2: vs. Saints (MNF)
  • Week 3: at Seahawks
  • Week 4: vs. Vikings
  • Week 5: at Lions
  • Week 6: at Dolphins
  • Week 7: BYE
  • Week 8: vs. Texans
  • Week 9: vs. Colts
  • Week 10: at Bears (TNF)
  • Week 11: vs. Cowboys
  • Week 12: at Titans
  • Week 13: at Buccaneers
  • Week 14: at Saints
  • Week 15: vs. Falcons
  • Week 16: vs. Packers
  • Week 17: at Jaguars
  • Week 18: vs. Buccaneers

The NFL's schedule release also represents a Super Bowl of sorts for social media teams. Videos announcing the games seem to be getting better every year, with the Panthers enlisting the help of some established roster figures for another masterpiece that drew widespread reviews along the way.

According to Nick Carboni of WCNC Charlotte, there was a general consensus among the aspiring screen performers that J.J. Jansen was the star

"I asked some of the Panthers who had the most Oscar potential after filming the schedule release video and it was unanimous: J.J. Jansen. He was apparently keeping long hours… Derrick Brown: "I was like…why are you still here?""

Nick Carboni, WCNC Charlotte

Carolina will also play the New York Jets, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions during the preseason. Although how many top-level performers take the field remains to be seen given how joint practices have arguably become more important.