Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bradley Bozeman, Bryce Young and rankings

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Bradley Bozeman
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Is Bryce Young the guy?

Bryce Young's rookie campaign hasn't gone as many had hoped. The quarterback should be playing better, but taking his indifferent production without the right context isn't fair.

The Carolina Panthers have a woeful offensive line. Their skill position papers cannot create consistent separation and the scheme remains uninspired. This is all having an impact on his performance levels while C.J. Stroud continues to thrive with the Houston Texans.

This was a sentiment echoed by team writer Darin Gantt during his weekly mailbag. He acknowledged the circumstances around Young holding him back and remains confident he can be a productive quarterback once the correct reinforcements arrive.

"What we know about Bryce is largely based on what we knew about Bryce a year ago. And the Bryce the NFL knew a year ago was the consensus No. 1 overall pick. Not just here but across the league. It's reasonable to think the problems are not his and his alone and that they can be fixed. It's also reasonable to conclude that it takes more than one person to fix any problem. So if the right cast is around him, yes, I think Young's got everything it takes to be a quality NFL quarterback. We'll see if that cast arrives."

Darin Gantt,

Getting Young through the next five games without serious injury is the primary objective. After that, upgrading almost everything around the Heisman Trophy winner becomes the top priority.